Facts & Stats

To find out more about the nation’s oral health habits, research was commissioned on behalf of the Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel Survey to learn more about everyday dental care preferences, choices and admissions. A total of 2,0001 people aged 25 to 65 across the UK were polled – 62% were female, 38% male. Here’s a few of the findings just published which makes for interesting reading.

1 One Poll; August 2012

Nationwide Survey: The UK’s Oral Health Habits Revealed

Dental visits

The apparent cost of dental care can put off many people from getting the help they need. Nearly half (47%) of respondents said the cost of dental care for themselves or their family was a… Read more

Embarrassing moments

When it comes to the sorts of foods that are most likely to get lodged between the teeth and become annoying, bits of gristle from meat was named as the worst with more than a third (35%) of… Read more

Cleaning habits

Nearly a quarter (22%) of respondents admitted they didn’t clean between their teeth to remove the bacteria and debris that a toothbrush couldn’t reach. More than half (54%) said they… Read more

Tooth loss

Physical appearance – and first impressions – can be hugely important. Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly all respondents said missing teeth can negatively impact on a person’s looks… Read more

Recognising the signs of gum disease

Nearly two thirds of the survey respondents – 63% – admitted they had noticed blood in their spit at some time or other after brushing their teeth – this is a classic symptom of… Read more

Brushing habits

Nearly three quarters of those questioned (73%) said they changed their toothbrush only twice a year. However, the NHS recommends that toothbrushes – or electric toothbrush heads – are… Read more